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posted by: 7018

This seems to be a never ending story!!!!!!

posted by: Franz

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posted by: 7018

No thanks Franz's most of us good old boys from the South arn't that Dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by: Franz

Well, could ya tell me just how dumb yall are so I could adjust my marketing plan?

posted by: Newb

Hey Franz. I'm ticked. I guess I waited too long to get in on the special because I tried to send you the $99.95, but it kept getting rejected. Oh well. I guess I'll have to catch it next time.

C'mon now cutter. Don't keep us in suspense too long

posted by Cutter    03-21-2004

Don't despair Newb, 

I have several small parts of it underway at the same time but nothing finished yet. And the damned thing is still stuck together. However, I will report back pretty soon. Need to sell some more ads, though. 

posted by: Newb

I think you need to hook up a live shop cam

posted by Cutter    03-22-2004

LOL, then I could run around nekkid and talk real ugly like it was the Ozzie show? Ummm, I don't think so. None of us are that bored yet. 

Here is a problem I haven't ask you guys about yet because there is still so much remaining to accomplish with this attempted salvage operation. When I first notice the broken casting on the swivel base I really supposed it to be just a missing part of the rim on a 3-legged base because I see so many of them as opposed to 4-footed bases. Also because the location seemed at first glance to be out of position for a 4th foot. After a little study I have decided that was wrong; the 4th foot has been broken off & lost.

Anybody got any suggestions for patching this? Or do you think three mounting ears might hold up anyway?

posted by rusted

Mount the base with the broken ear facing front. You may rarely pry UP from the front, but I generally pry DOWN on the vise from the front. Therefore, the broken ear is a non-issue. Also, you get closer to the table edge that way.

I have no idea about actually repairing it though.

posted by: Franz

After personally intervuing a Wilton this afternoon, up close & personal, I'd cut a new ear from flat stock, and everdure it on with the base assembled to the vise, and sitting on the bench. If you don't have TIG available, it can be done DC carbon arc, reverse polarity I think.


posted by Cutter    03-23-2004

Although the missing mounting lobe is somewhat a moot point until the stuck moving parts give up and start moving, I have questions about this proposed repair:

What is everdure?
I do not personally know any local weldors who do TIG, nor do I have a carbon arc.
Do you think I could braze the strap to the base?

posted by: Franz

Everdure = phosphor bronz and you can run it with carbon arc on a DC machine, or even O/A.
That casting is definitely a miserable SOB in terms of what it will probably do if it is heated, at least in my opinion.

posted by: OlPilot

Maybe not as bad as you think, Franz. Those old Wiltons were 60 KSI cast steel, not the 30 KSI cast iron used today. As a result, with much finer grain and less carbide precipitates, they weld much better. I don't think Cutter will have any problem. But a little preheat and postheat couldn't hurt.

posted by: 7018

Cutter i would preheat in the oven to about 280 or 300 then braze it. Cover in in dry warm sand and let it cool!! I've done a lot of cast that way it works really good!!! By the way do u know what the color of these vices were new?

posted by Cutter    03-23-2004

Thanks for the advise Rusted, Franz, OlPilot & 7018. My concern about using the base with the gap in it is
more about downward stress on the unsupported casting than it is about upward stress.

The biggest problem is my O/A rig is over at my shop, no oven isavailable there but I guess I could rig one up; there are a couple of old electric cookstoves somewhere back in the dust & shadows that I could dig out. I got a couple of collector-type gas ranges in there that are more accessible but no gas service to the building for 20 or 30 years, I'd guess. Come to think of it, I know where an old GE 27" drop-in is sitting that I should gather up for parts but I have passed over it up 'til now because you can barely walk through my building as it is. I dislike dragging the O/A rig home because I'd have to trailer it & then let the bottles stand overnight before I could use them. On the other hand, I guess I should be keeping that stuff here at the house anyway.

Paul, I uncovered remnants of a coat of paint a few days ago; it looked like plain old machinery gray to me
but here is a picture so you can sort of guess for yourself.