Can this vise be saved?

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posted by: pjt

Wonder how it would work to take a piece of pvc pipe with a cap on one end, drill a bunch of holes (or cut slotts), stick the anode inside the pipe, and shove the pipe inside the vice???

Re: internal anode

posted by Cutter    03-14-2004

Originally posted by pjt
Wonder how it would work to take a piece of pvc pipe with a cap on one end, drill a bunch of holes (or cut slotts), stick the anode inside the pipe, and shove the pipe inside the vice???


I was thinking more like a short piece of rubber hose stuck in each end as insulators & the iron bar
slid through them. I had been entertaining that idea for several days. But I really do think I had been
trapping air inside all week.

posted by: Newb

This thread just keeps getting better every day.

Thanks for keeping us all posted on it. Gonna start mine on Tuesday if the rain stops.

posted by: Paychk

Another possibility is the hydrogen gas that is generated, is getting trapped in the cavity and pushing the solution out. Maybe a deeper bucket with the opening pointed up will solve everything.

posted by Cutter    03-14-2004

!!! Hey now, that's a thought, too Paychk. Thanks.
I really don't have anything that might do except a 5 gallon pickle bucket (too shallow) or maybe a 30 gallon
garbage can. I am afraid the weight would over power either one. Have to give it some thought.

posted by: Franz

Well Cutter you could always fab up a nice frame to hang things in the garbage can.

posted by: 7018

Well all this over a walton vice made me want one,I went looking!! found a Wilton 5" Combination Pipe & Bench Vise!! I ran a search on it and came up with this,
Wilton 5" Combination Pipe & Bench Vise
Item Number: WILC-2
Normally Sells For: $1097.95
Our Price: $783.61

Now this is a old one but in good shape,came from a junk store in Fla. I have 25.00 in it needs cleaning up alittle and some new paint. What you all think bout this one?

It would have been nice to find one the size of urs cutter But then u get what ya find!

Well guys this is the last one.Thanks for looking and i wish u luck hunting a good vice!!!

posted by Cutter    03-15-2004

Very cool 7018!! Or as they say on the OWWM site "you Suck!".
That is their highest compliment on a great find.
How about giving us some dimensions? Looks like a 5" jaw width but was is your max opening, height,
weight & so forth. I wish there was some way of dating these things but I don't see anything to go on.

I left mine out of the goop today - got a supposed emergency plumbing call while I was fiddling with it & had to take off. Thought I'd have time to stop back by but got home at 7 pm. I did have time to drop by one of my favorite scrap yards to pick a piece of 5/8ths rebar to suspend though the center and a couple of mower blades to try as "electrodes" to collect the rust. (I am not using the controversial anode/cathode words any more.) I couldn't find any other scrap lying around here that I was willing to sacrifice whan a couple of bucks for junk would take care of it.

posted by: 7018

Well cutter they said 7 inch open but i opened it to 8 1/2 inches and it will hold 4 inch pipe they said however i havent tryed it as yet. got it out of the truck and took the pic.s so thats all i know so far. And i was hoping to find out how old this thing was! it has some weld splater on it but not much, all the jaw's look good not to much wear. But like i said wish it had been bigger,i'll stell be looking for a bigger one. And thanks for the reply

posted by: Jim314

Newb is right. This is a great thread. Kinda like a soap opera, you have to tune in everyday to see if anything new has happened to the vise.

posted by Cutter    03-17-2004

Oh WOW! A sopa opera! Maybe I can get my own TV show - "Monster Vice". Move along Jesse, you had your run. And I do have a small development to report this morning. I mentioned a few posts ago that I finally found a bar to insert into the cavity as an electrode to try & get the rust out of the inside where the worst crud appears to be holding it stuck together. I had to have some way to fasten a wire to it, so I ground the plating off a 1/4" bolt, ground a flat on the end of the rebar and tacked it together to make a binding post. Then I slipped a couple of pieces of heater hose onto it to insulate the bar from the vise. After I slid the rebar into the hole, I used an ohmmeter to be sure the bar wasn't touching the vise body & found that I needed
extra rubber at the front end to assure that the bar didn't contact the vise.

Finally I hoisted it back into the tub, hooked it up and the bubbles started appearing in less than a minute but the current drain dropped from 7 amps to about 1 1/2 in just a few hours. I checked on it at about 4:30 am & turned the charger off because this drop in current usually means the electrode is loaded with rust & I don't especially want it "growing" into the long nut & shorting to it; I just don't know what the effect of that might be. I also didn't particularly want to dive into that slimy mess this time of the morning to find out. By the way, if you're the impatient "type-A" sort of personality, this process may not be for you.

posted by: atucker


If you're going to do a soap opera, do the soap opera and to heck with the regular job. We need action, not excuses.


Not sure if you had the other "electrode" hooked up or not, but when I was playing around with this before, the current seems to be proportional to the electrode "area". Of course, the smaller the electrode, the faster they slime up and the current drops. This is process can definitely test ones patience. But it works!