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posted by Cutter    04-24-2004

So all that happened last Wednesday night. I have been busy since then but today on my way home, I picked up a bigger jack. It's a Larin, a Chinese thing with a missing pin that holds the same shackle-type pump assembly but that's easily fixed (already done in fact) but the ram is about twice the diameter of the little orange one so maybe & I can get a few more PSI out of it. It has an advertised lift of 20 tons; maybe it might be a valid ten? So maybe this weekend, the journey will take a better turn.
Don't miss the next thrilling episode when our guest may be famous pop psychologist Dr. Phil who will tell us how to cope with hopeless situations and doomed projects.


posted by: Jim314

Cutter, for someone who couldn't get motivated to start the update, you sure do tell a spellbinding story. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at the end.

posted by Cutter    04-24-2004

LOL. I didn't either, but I opted for laughter. It's so much less expensive. I gotta go take a nap now.
BTW, I'm gonna miss that little orange jack - had it around for over 20 years; it would lift the front end of my old Blazer.

posted by: 7018

Well cutter u done ur best!1 really liked ur post LMAO about the jack!!! But i'm sure u'll get the job done

posted by: Franz

Cutter, Dr Phil's office just called, and they said yer makin a mountain out of a molehill.
That little orange jack has obviously been repaired before, we can all see the brass in the picture, so ya can put it back together again. At least you didn't bend the ram or shatter the top of the ram housing the way most Chink jacks do under a load.
Now, if you just build a base onto that complex fixture, you can turn the event into a combination vise jacking and anvil tossing event. Of course, setting the jack verticle and throwing a blanket over the top would probably eliminate the anvil toss factor.
If you run out of hydraulic jacks you can always use scaffold leveling screws.

posted by: rusted

^^^ ^^^

Cutter, if it's any consolation, thanks for bringing drama to my ho-hum life.

posted by: 1911Man

Hang in there Cutter! This thing has become an American epic.

posted by: Paychk


I recently went through something similar to this at work, cept it was a 2” X 12” long pin stuck in a hydraulic cylinder on a man lift. Every one was dreaming up ideas to un-stick it. The “Old Man” of the shop stated, “the only way it was coming out, was with wedges and heat”. So us young-uns all went ???? And he proceeded to show us “The Secret”. He had us weld a lug across the end of the pin and after it cooled, he put two wedges (10” long X 1¼” thick) between it and the boss it was sticking out of. He proceeded to put a “bind”, as he calls it, on it with what I call Thor’s Hammer (sawed off 10# sledgehammer). After about two minutes of Thor’s Hammer, the lug popped off and flew about eight feet in the air. Well, the welds were ripped right out of the end of the pin. So round two started with a ¾” thick lug verses the previous ½”. After that cooled, again a bind was put on it and then he fired up the largest rose bud I’ve ever seen, and in a matter of minutes the cylinder casting was a dull red. More of Thor’s Hammer and the pin started to move. An unbelievable amount of rust came pouring out of the joint between the mounting bosses and the pin. The pin bottomed out as, unknown to us, one end was slightly bigger than the other was. So we drove it back to it’s starting point and proceeded to wedge it back one more time. After that, we could drive it out from the body. I’ve never seen something that could rip out welds by the root and those wedges sure had the power to do it. I’m a believer in wedge technology now, if your jacks don’t work, maybe you could set up a wedge to push the vise apart.

posted by: atucker

Geesh - for this being a welding forum, you guys missed the best part. THE JACK BROKE BEFORE CUTTER'S WELDS. Think what he would have been in for if one of the welds broke .

Allen T.

posted by: Hickey

I was thinking the same thing. At least you have proved your welds are good.

posted by: Banzaitoyota

keep it coming Cutter!!!

posted by Cutter    05-01-2004

Well, it's been another week now so I have just about recovered from the last attempt to salvage this beat up old bahs-turd of a vise. Lessee, where was I when I quit last time..... go back to page 10 ....... aw crap! I thought I had posted the episode after the jack destruction. Damn damn damn, I have twice as much to report as I thought!
Well, ok. First of all, I had to find another jack, as you may recall. That required a little tinkering to get it to fit into the rig because of the extra length & of course I had to block it up less to reach the center of the slide. But I finally got it lined out and heeded Franz's advice about throwing a blanket over the chains to catch any broken parts that might get flung out. Actually, it was the canvas cover for an evaporative cooler that I had serviced out for the season earlier last week. Now, this was all taking place last Saturday, the 24th of May.
First of all, here is a sidebyside picture of the old & new jacks; you can see that there should be some more power even if the big one is Chinese. It uses a smaller pump & much larger ram so that each stroke results in about half as much travel as the little orange one. And it works about like using a smaller pulley on a motor shaft in that it takes less pull to operate the jack handle.

Now, there is another detail that I need to make clear because it factors in later. I had cut a 3" disc from 1/4 inch plate to place between the sliding tube of the front jaw and the ram of the jack to protect the tube from marring and also because the ram of either jack is smaller than the open area of the tube. Then, as I think I have mentioned, I welded a stick of all-thread to the disc and ran it through the vise to secure it in place because it had to be notched in the bottom to miss the guide in the main casting.
Keep this in mind for later reference. Here is that disc or buttplate positioned in the arse end of the vise.

So that is what I am jacking against. And here is what the new jack looked like ready to pump that old vise apart. Right?