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posted by: Jim314

Cutter, someone beat you too it. They're already on sale on the internet.

posted by: 7018

Shouldn't they have worded it My Vice is like cutter's vise!!!!

posted by: Newb

By the time I get to Phoenix I'll be sleeping.

This ain't no soap opera any more, it's like my wife torturing me with the Thornbirds or something just kidding, but any updates?

posted by: 7018

I just think he's taking a break VICE"S can get tiring sometimes !!

posted by Cutter    04-15-2004

Ok, ok.

The reason there have been no updates is because my last 2 weekends got hijacked by my daughter. I had to work on her old house she has under contract to sell. I finally finished my part last Sunday night so I hope to get back to the vise this Saturday.
It has been continuously under the soup and hooked to the charger ever since my last report. We also had 2 weeks of below normal temperatures and rain off & on - very unusual for the area. I simply do not have any time for it on weekdays other than to change or clean the positive electrode.

The plan for this weekend is to somehow chain the vise and a bottle jack to an I-beam and try to push the jaw out from the back. This is going to take considerable rigging to get it done in such a way as to keep the 2 parts lined up straight under that much pressure. It's what I have referred to earlier as a poor man's hydraulic press. I also plan to heat the main casting if necessary & unless the 2 or 3 weeks of further de-rusting has done a lot of good, heat will be required

posted by: 7018

Well here's wishing u all the luck in the world cutter hope u get it apart!!!

posted by: rusted

For using hydraulic jack and I-beam to loosen:

It seems if you lay the jack and vise horizontally on the *ground*, cement driveway for example, and then chain them to an I-beam as straight as possible, you could lay another board or beam over the length of the assembly then drive your truck up on there and keep it straight while you jacked it apart.

OTOH if the thing let loose with 5 tons of pressure on it, it's liable to shoot iron parts through your vehicle.

This from a guy who has used a 98 2500 Ram diesel 4x4, a receiver hitch, job chain, and an oak tree to compress struts. Dad backs into the tree and holds down on the throttle while I chain the strut closed. Adrenaline is good for ya!

posted by: Bolt

But not all jacks will work laying down flat.

Or maybe it's just mine, with not enough oil in them.

posted by Cutter    04-16-2004

I already fixed that problem, Bolt. Low oil. Just lay it down & fill it until it tops off & it'll work fine. The biggest problem is alignment and keeping it that way. I am looking forward to it. Hope nothing comes up to interfere tomorow.

Rusted, I think we'll leave the truck out of it. There's enough to worry about as it is, especially since the vise has no flat planes to work with & responds to the pressure by trying to tip & bend out of the way. I already got the feel for it (sort of) by trying to strap it to a board a couple of weeks ago. I knew it wouldn't be rigid enough but it showed me which way it wanted to go. I decided I couldn't use the bolt holes on the base of the vise because it would just break them off unless I managed to get it cradled almost perfectly - not likely to happen under these conditions.

posted by: 7018

All jacks will work laying flat it u put the pump side down. And Cutter im sure ur a smart enough man to get it done with hurting ur self or someone or something else!!

posted by Cutter    04-24-2004

I really don't know where to start with this post. I have been trying to get motivated for 2 days but I lack inspiration to do it justice, so I guess I'll just do it quick & down & dirty.
As you may recall, I set out a week or so ago to build a poor man's press to try & force the jaw out from the back side. Here is what I came up with.
In the first place, the shape and design of a vise does not lend itself to placement in a conventional hydraulic press. It just don't fit, so I decided the idea was to somehow tie the thing in place on a beam, hold it in alignment and block a jack into place behind it in the fastest & cheapest way I could. It took a couple of attempts to get this:

A couple of notes about the above photo:
The 4 ft galvanized pipe in the forground is the cheater I used on the handle. I have barely gotten the tension on the chains in that pic, just enough pull the top chain into a fairly straight line. When the pressure increases the little jack tilts into a straighter alignment than is shown there.

I had cut another steel 3" circle to fit against the back of the jaw's slide as you can sort of see in the photo below - for the jack to push against. Since there is a steel guide in the bottom of the main casting & a matching 1/2" x 3/8 " slot in the bottom of the slide, I had to cut a notch into the bottow of the disk & keep it aligned with the guide. I welded a stick of all-thread to it and ran it all the way through the jaw and locked it with a nut & washer on the front of the jaw. You can see the all-thread in the top photo.

So, I started jacking until I was lifting the entire thing off the ground and then got out the torch & started heating the outside casting, starting with the area around the front of the hole that the front jaw slides into, then along the lower part just above the base. By the time I worked the flame all the way back & around the other side to the front, I was boiling rusty gunk out of the front opening. Still no movement.
Darkness was fast coming, I was about ready to give up for the night & thinking of getting bigger jack.
Here is a picture of the heated area, Th discoloration is really just burned rust powder which coats the vise as part of the derusting process. Brushes off easily - not a problem. You can see the rusty water under the front jaw, on the beam.

It was a dark & stormy night. A pirate's ship appeared on the horizon. A shot rang out, the beautiful woman screamed - oh, sorry - that's a different thread.

So I studied my situation, wondering more heat would help? Doubtful since the water boiled out of the front, I had probably heated the slide, too. So maybe it would be best to just leave it under the maximum pressure & hope the expansion & contraction would work some sort of magic? So I got a piece of 1/8th inch plate and positioned it so as to protect my shins from flying chain should something give and put on my gloves.

I put on my gloves, positioned my feet, slipped the cheater onto the handle and gave it my best heave - and broke the f***ing jack. 

The shackle assembly, pump/piston lay on the lower rail fo the beam along with half of the knuckle.