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posted by: 7018

OlPilot this has become a vice, why else would we keep coming back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by: Newb

I'm waiting for the tshirts and dvds to come out.

posted by: rusted

If there's not an update soon I'm gonna have withdrawls.

posted by: Newb

I think it's intermission time

posted by: 7018

nope not yet lots more VICE"S to see!!!!!

posted by: OlPilot

If Uncle Franz's Magic Derusting Potion doesn't work, there's always C-4, as long as the ATF snoops aren't skulking about.

posted by: Franz

And NOW, a word from our sponsor, Uncle Franz's magic derusting system.
This week, we are offering a sale on our magnificent carbon anodes, for those who really want to see this process run around the clock without having to clean anodes.
Only a limited supply is available, so we will be offering the kits to existing customers first. Contact your Uncle Franz sales representative today, and have your customer number handy.

posted by Cutter    04-09-2004

Originally posted by rusted
If there's not an update soon I'm gonna have withdrawls.

Gosh guys, sorry I have neglected you. But there has really been nothing positive to report lately.
Last weekend was an experiment in trying to come up with a way to put some real linear pressure on that locked jaw from the backside. Then the rains came again & have persisted off & on ever since. However, I have picked up a piece of I-Beam to use to secure the vise to while I try to jack it apart. After a couple of dry weekdays when I don't have time for the Wilton, the rain came again tonight & is forecast for the weekend. So I don't know whether I can make any real progress or not. Meanwhile, it is stored in the blue garbage can in the faint hope that something good can still come of it. If and when I make any progress, believe me I will be telling the world.

I do want to say that I really appreciate your continued interest in this project. We have all had a lot of fun with it and it has been a real education for me. I had used electrolysis to remove rust from a couple of smaller, less rusty objects in the past but nothing this large nor anything with so much ancient rust. I was surprised how quickly the outside cleaned up and almost as surprised at how stubborn the rust has been in the tight spots where it remains seized.

Caps and t-shirts are very do-able; I actually have some experience with advertising specialties way back in a previous life. But I am thinking of also offering imprinted panties for the gals in your lives; I would only sell petite, small and mediums so you could be sure to buy the one that would actually fit if she really is one of those sizes but more importantly, you could be assured of getting a size too small for that more "mature-sized" woman in your life. It's never a bad idea to let her think that you see her ass as being just right.

posted by: 7018

well about those panties im not showing that post the the wife!!!!lmao but its a good one

posted by: fla jim

that brings back memories.
Back in my previous life in the Navy. I was on a supply ship. (USS Niagara Falls AFS 3)
When we would Replenish other ships, We had a sign the ship would display "WELCOME ALONGSIDE HOW CAN WE SERVICE YOU"
Well someone got the bright idea to have some "Panties made with that logo to give to girlfriends. These were sold in the "Ships store".
When we would go ashore overseas in the Philippines, all the local girls would ask if we could get them "NIAGARA FALLS" panties.

posted by: rusted

Well Jim, maybe we can make a pair of panties in tribute; sayings like 'Tight as cutter's vise' or 'rusted shut from neglect'... On second thought...

posted by: Franz

Cutter, please tell me you're keeping that vise submerged in Magic Solution.

Jim, in the New Modern Navy those panties would definitely get you in deep sh!t for sexual harassment.

Rusted, I ain't touchin those lines with a 14 foot Serb, let alone a 10 foot Pole.

posted by Cutter    04-09-2004

Yup. That's what I meant by:
"Meanwhile, it is stored in the blue garbage can in the faint hope that something good can still come of it."
And the charger is still hooked up.

posted by: Banzaitoyota

Nice target you sailed on.