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Martha Stewart Welding

Proud sponsor of Cutter's Vise

We are pleased to announce that Cutter's Vise will be partnering with Martha Stewart Living now that she's once again among us. More importantly, more immediately and much more pruriently, we are promoting Cutter's Vise  with this luscious young lady who is hostessing the New Martha Stewart Show while Ms. Stewart is otherwise ummmm, restrained.

While only time will tell what the financial rewards of this new partnership will be, I can assure you that the short-term perks are just mind-boggling.

Young Martha is also very excited about her upcoming role as the genial hostess & loving moderator of the new welding forum.

(special thanks to Jim314 Welding & Thongs for unwittingly contributing to this little fantasy)

Click below to see what the uproar was all about!

Martha Stewart, Hostess & Moderator

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